The UK REACH-IT Service team will be developing, over the upcoming months, several REACH products and services for their implementation in the new platform, born after Brexit. As the department’s commitment is to create user-centered designed services, the UK REACH-IT Service team organized several research sessions that will help to define the structure and function of these products/services.

To gain different points of view, all stakeholders, those in academia or associations, and members of professional bodies, from various chemical sectors, with a particular interest in chemicals, are invited to take part. The minimum requirement is to be familiar with the REACH-IT system (ECHA) and the UK REACH-IT Service.

Participants will be asked about their experience of using the two platforms and their related services. Feedbacks will be collated and incorporated into future developments of the UK REACH Service.

The sessions will start once a threshold for research participants has been reached. All consultations will last approximately one hour and will be conducted remotely. To participate you can fill in this form or express your interest by emailing