Reach Mastery

Since 2008, REACH consulting has been our main expertise: our team offers all services required for REACH Regulation compliance, competitively in the European context.

In particular, our team has consolidated experience in dealing with a variety of chemicals, as for the technical aspects, risk assessment and dossier compilation. We are involved in scientific discussions and in international workshops, such as Stakeholders’ Day Conference, guidance review, category trade show, etc..

  • Regulatory advice
  • Registration strategy (PPORD, Exemption, full registration)
  • Post Registration assistance
  • Assistance after compliance check and update of dossier
  • Assistance on the registration of nanomaterials
  • Endocrine Disruptor Testing strategy and Assessment
  • REACH Authorisation dossiers
  • Full REACH Registration dossier
    • Assistance in sameness, analytical identification and SIEF discussion
    • Inquiry
    • Data collection and evaluation
    • Data gap analysis
    • Integrated Testing Strategy (ITS) and data waiving
    • IUCLID compilation
    • Completeness checks
    • Toxicological and Eco-toxicological advice
    • Proposing/ordering and monitoring of new studies
    • QSARs
    • Classification and labelling (C&L)
    • PBT assessment
    • Risk Assessment and Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA)
    • Chemical Safety Reports (CSRs)
  • CLH dossiers
  • Management, secretarial and logistical support to consortia and/or Lead Registrants
  • General SIEF communications
  • Representation of customers in SIEFs and consortia
  • Third party representative service
  • Legal advice
  • Communication with Regulatory Authorities

Project Manager

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