The Regulation on Plant Protection Products (Reg. EC 1107/2009) aims to ensure a high degree of human and animal health protection, as well as of the environment, through a harmonized legislation for the marketing of active substances with phytosanitary action and crop protection formulated products.

PHYTO mastery supports customers in developing safe and innovative solutions, in compliance with current regulations and scientific progress.

PHYTO mastery is made up of specialized technicians with experience in several scientific fields, from agronomy to chemistry, from human toxicology to ecotoxicology.


Project management services

  • Identification of goals
  • Preliminary risk assessment
  • Data Gap Analysis
  • Planning and monitoring of field trials (efficacy, selectivity and residues)
  • Strategic advice

Monitoring of field and laboratory studies

  • Study/field trials programmes
  • Support to clients in selecting CROs and ensuring two-way communications
  • Managing and monitoring of laboratory tests
  • Laboratory/trial visit

Elaboration of technical and administrative dossiers

  • Preparation of dossiers for new active substances, products, or their renewal
  • Data collection and evaluation
  • Human Health risk assessment (EFSA, 2014 and national models)
  • Consumer risk assessment (PRIMo and national models)
  • E – fate calculations (FOCUS and Higher Tier modeling on rice)
  • Fauna and flora risk assessment (Tier I and Tiers II, National risk mitigation measures)

Application for Mutual Recognition

Label extension dossiers for major and minor uses

Follow–up with the Authorities

Post-approval follow-up

Endocrine Disruptor Testing Strategy and Assessment


Project Manager

Tel. +39 031 269 513

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